How To Choose The Perfect Conservatory


A conservatory is a wonderful way to add extra space to your home while increasing its value at the same time. There are so many uses for a conservatory, and there are a wealth of shapes, sizes and building materials to select from. So how do you choose the perfect style for your home?

Firstly, think about the use you will put your conservatory to. Will it be used as an extra living space? A dining area? A playroom for the children? Or perhaps a study area? Depending on how you plan to use your conservatory, you will require a different design.

There are several different conservatory designs to pick from. Some people prefer a traditional style, while others prefer a more modern look. You may like the appearance of classic glass ceilings, large window frames and tiled floors, or alternatively, you may want your conservatory to look more like the other rooms in your home with tiled roofing, enclosed walls and carpeted flooring.

If you are planning on using your conservatory regularly as a sitting or dining room, you will need to think about heating and ventilation. This is especially important if you are using it as a children’s playroom, as conservatories can become very cold, or very hot, especially if they have glass ceilings and large windows. Your choice of flooring may also depend on your usage of the space. A carpeted floor is cosier and more appealing in a regular living area, but a tiled floor may be easier to clean if, for example, you wish to use the area as a traditional orangery for growing plants. Opting for a classic glass roof is attractive and allows in a lot of light, but a tiled roof will match with the rest of your home well, and will make the room warmer during the winter months.

Think also about the shape and size of your conservatory. How big do you need it to be to suit your purpose? How much of your garden are you prepared to lose? Make sure that you choose a shape that allows your furniture to fit well in the space and that suits the style of your property and garden. Choosing a modern conservatory will not necessarily look appropriate on a period property, while a contemporary house may look odd if you choose an old-fashioned styled extension.

Conservatories are a fantastic investment for homeowners. You can extend your floor space, make your home more attractive and appealing to future buyers, and give yourself an extra beautiful room to enjoy. Suitable for a huge range of purposes, a well chosen conservatory is sure to give you many years of pleasure.

Its word origins date back to Latin, but have become a staple feature of traditional English. A conservatory has been popularized by modern architecture movements that emphasize individualized rooms. If buyers want to find a home with a conservatory, they should look for recent neighborhood additions. Select contractors may build a room added to the side of a given property. They have to carefully join the conservatory with the existing structure of a home or small office setting.

The pane glass exterior is indicative of modern architecture styling. Solid glass frames have to be joined together using framework fit for exterior settings. That introduces challenges that have been difficult to meet by traditional construction techniques. But advancements in the field make it possible to update windows and settings within the single family home.