When a home is purchased, it’s a good idea to consider its future value. It is a rare homeowner who buys a home to remain in it for the rest of his or her life. For this reason, improvements to raise the value of a home are highly recommended.

Many home improvements can raise the value of the home, but some of them are so expensive that the actual return on your investment will be minimal. Included are five home improvement ideas that will give you a fair return on your expense.

1) Repairs And Maintenance

It’s amazing how much better your home can look when attention is paid to regular maintenance and repairs. Changing the hardware in your bathrooms and kitchens is easy and makes an instant difference. Have your wall-to-wall carpets cleaned, too. Your home will be more fragrant and will feel cleaner.

2) Whole House Painting

It’s possible to economize on the cost of interior painting by doing a diy job or hiring a handyman to help. A fresh coat of paint for the interior of a home can give it a completely new look, especially when consideration is given to the colors used. Add glossy white to baseboards and the frames of your windows for a punctuation effect.

3) Pretty Up Your Garden

Professional landscaping can be an expensive venture, although it is certainly an appealing option. If you do not have the funds for a pro to landscape your home, you can still visually improve it by adding color and highlights to your garden.

When it comes to your landscape, less is definitely more. Choose a few focal points on your landscape to highlight with color or beautiful outdoor features, such as a trellis, a pergola or a garden fountain. Keep the rest of your landscape in shape with regular maintenance.

4) Build A Deck

Back yard decks are wildly popular right now, and their popularity promises to continue in the future. This is because decks add living space to a home that can also be used for back yard entertaining. This is true even in the Midwest, where summer is relatively short.

It is possible to build your own deck, but it’s a better idea to have a professional build one for you. Decks need to be properly sealed and maintained in order to retain their beauty.

5) Reseal Your Driveway

A driveway is highly noticeable and takes a lot of abuse. Driveways that are cracked and stained lower the appeal of a home. This malady is easy to resolve and relatively inexpensive. Either seal coat your own driveway or hire a handyman to take care of it for you.

Even in today’s economy, your home should be considered an investment that will pay off in future return. Thoughtful home improvements can make your home more desirable to live in and more valuable when it comes time to sell.