Tips for Modernizing your Bathroom

Stylish Modern Bathroom

So, you want to modernize your bathroom?

Most of us grew up with the tub/shower combo that was cramped and not at all attractive. These days, if you’re looking to put a modern spin on your bathroom, a freestanding tub is the only way to go. Set mostly in white, these tubs come in a variety of shapes from round, to a more edgy square shape. As for showers, there is a rise in the style of open, curbless showers. To modernize a shower, you may want a “barely there” type of glass frame. For these types of showers, your bathroom will need to be equipped with moisture absorbing surfaces, such as engineered quartz, stone, and glass or porcelain tile. The modernized shower doesn’t so much occupy space in your bathroom, as it does work itself into the space naturally.

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This leads us to mirrors. Popular new bathroom mirrors are simple, square, lighted mirrors, including LED. Clean lines are key with these. Chrome is a popular material for modern mirrors, but there are also rustic round mirrors, or mirrors framed with driftwood which adds unique charm. These days, vanities are being stylized to fit more practical needs. Many old fashioned vanities had no real shelving or practicality, so more simplified, useful vanities are the way to go now. These include shelving or off to the side sinks for more space. This works especially well in small bathrooms. The floating vanity can be a good idea too if you’re really looking to add some flair.

Counter tops in the bathroom have changed too. Gone is granite, and in with quartz. Bold, brightly coloured mosaics provide character and can tie your bathroom together. Taps these days are designed to be more open, and less cluttered. Where older bathrooms had taps that contained holes for two different taps, now the idea is to just have a single hole for a mixer tap. Square, wide waterfall styles are an elegant addition these days. Other ideas are mounted wall taps, or taps that come out of the floor as a simple, no-fuss style with a very up-to-date look.

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